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I believe technology is a great enabler of business and a tool of leverage that each entity should capitalize. As a lover of technology and all other things that tests speed limits, I have a passion for systematizing businesses through integration with technology. After all, what gets measured improves.

As a marketer, I have an unfair advantage of being technically competent due to my extensive experience conducting business development exercises in the interactive industry in South East Asia. I have lead teams and personally delivered eCommerce, Content Management Systems, customised web applications, email marketing strategies and solutions for MNCs and private clients.

Personal Success
Personally, I have embarked on focusing on being a turn around business specialist seeing how I can help other businesses improve their revenues. I have also experienced how a streamlined and system based management psychology can maximize profits while managing costs and talent. I am passionate about transferring this expertise into the dynamic marketplace to give aspiring entrepreneurs the edge they need to succeed in the ever competitive business landscape.

Harnessing the winning combination of sales psychology, technical competence, and systematic thinking, I diversified into the management of my own beauty business, Pink Parlour. I integrated my strong IT expertise into automating and streamlining the business, enabling me to run a regional business completely off mobile phones, greatly increasing productivity.

After almost 20 years of running businesses I am now looking into investing into other businesses to see how I can help them succeed. So don’t be shy contact me and I’ll see how I can help you or pass you to someone who can!

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