Ten Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips to Help You Boost Sales and Stand Out

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which will take place on November 23 and November 26 respectively, are famous for huge deals and steep discounts. That’s why participating in these days can seem like a big retailer’s game. But what about SMBs? Can small and medium retailers reap the rewards (and profits) from these two shopping…
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Retail and Consumer Psychology 101: 8 Ways to Increase Sales & Influence Customers

As a retailer, you most likely don’t have a degree is psychology, but many successful retailers regularly use psychology to appeal to potential customers. It sounds complicated, but it boils down to the fact that every single human being basically has the same mental triggers that drive actions. At a basic level, all humans want…
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Email Marketing for Retailers: 7 Quick Tips to Help Your Drive Traffic and Engagement from Email

It’s 2018, and email marketing is still the most valuable piece of your online marketing puzzle. An eMarketer survey of small and medium businesses found that 81% and 80% of respondents, respectively, said email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Email’s usefulness was followed by organic search at 62% for acquisition and social media at…
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Stepping Away from Your Business: How to Make Sure Your Store Runs Smoothly Without You

There comes a time in every business owner’s life when stepping away (at least temporarily) from the company is necessary. You need your company to run smoothly without you, so preparing your business for your absence is a must. This post outlines the tasks that can help you do just that. Points include: preparing a store manual, having…
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How Digital Signage Draw Retail Sales

As you plan your strategy, consider how your business could be reaping the benefits of digital signage with RIFCO. Smart marketing includes the goal of making the best investment of precious advertising dollars on activities that people will see. Shopping habits have certainly changed as consumers are more technology-oriented and sophisticated than ever. Digital content…
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What is Digital Signage?

Here at RIFCO, we are only one part of a larger ecosystem that’s called Digital Signage. We’ve got a unique approach and business model, only focusing on running our solution on a cloud-based infrastructure for digital signage networks. We strive to be the most transparent and engaging company in the market by publicly listing our…
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