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A Remarkable Team

We are looking for formidable teams that have a big vision, the substance to get there, and the tenacity to break through brick walls.

Active Businesses

We prefer to build venture with existing and iperating businesses as we find we can add the most value there. We support business that has minimum 5 employees.

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Demonstrable Traction

While our qualifications differ depending on industry, we look for companies that can demonstrate early product-market fit. This means you've moved beyond the idea stage and have compelling data that proves your early users/customers want what you are providing.

Big Markets

We fund companies with the potential for enormous growth. We look for established businesses that serve large, multi-billion dollar total addressable markets (TAMs).

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Local and Global Reach

Though we are based in Singapore, we invest overseas. Rifco Asia’s fund innovation will primarily cover Southeast Asia and we are always looking to expand into new countries.

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