We begin with meeting the directors and undertake an initial review of the business, to establish its present position and current issues.

Departmental Reviews

We will meet with each Department Head, and relevant staff members, to understand their concerns and possible changes required. From Sales and Marketing, Operations, IT, Purchasing, HR and R&D.

Providing Direction

Our weekly management meetings help to bring management’s focus back to dealing with the important issues that will move their business forward.

Financial Position

We review the current cost structure of the business thoroughly to determine true level of profit or loss. We will then work with directors to establish the cost structure needed.


We work with directors to oversee the implementation of strategies and ensure appropriate simple practical reporting systems are in place.

Vision & Strategy

Once the model for the future cost structure of the business has been established, we work with directors to clarify and develop the vision and strategies for the business.

On Going Monitoring

To assist this monitoring, we institute practical operational indicators to keep management’s fingers on the pulse of the business.