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Business Turnaround Advisory

Is your business performing?

Realise your potential with Rifco

  • We specialise in S$1m to S$5m turnover businesses

  • 10+ years experience with a proven track record in business restructuring

  • Offices in Singapore and Philippines

Business Turnaround

We help you figure out how to transform your business from a period of losses to profits.

Our Business Turnaround and Business Improvement services include:

  • Review of the company’s business in terms of solvency, current cost structure, financing, marketing strategy, competitive strengths and weaknesses.

  • Establishment of target operating profits and target cost structure for the company.

  • Establishment of restructuring strategies to fulfil target operating profits and target cost structure.

  • Assistance with implementing agreed restructuring strategies.

  • Monitoring of implementation of agreed restructuring strategies.

  • Assisting with negotiations with financiers and creditors as required.

  • Monitoring of operations on a daily or weekly basis with simple and practical reporting systems.

  • Reviewing of business model and assisting with restructuring it where appropriate.

  • Upgrading of marketing strategies, product range, and competitiveness for the chosen market segments of the business as required.

  • Ensuring accurate accounting for the business including monthly management accounting with reporting by the 7th of the following month with comparisons with budget.

  • Reviewing of current Organisation Structure and upgrade as required along with ensuring all job descriptions are documented.

Contact us to receive a free business valuation report.

Don’t need help with Business Turnaround, but feel you are ready to sell your business? We can help you prepare an Information Memorandum for your business, and we can represent you for the sale of your business too.

Download our service sheet here:

Information Memorandum Slideshow

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