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How many Business Strategies can a Corporation Have?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

  • What is a business strategy?

A business strategy is made and directed by an entrepreneur for their corporation in order to achieve the business objectives targeted. It is nothing more than the matter that management tends to follow in order to establish a stable corporation and earn profits on their product in the market. It varies from advertising to launch and marketing.

  • Benefits of a business strategy

A business strategy is vitally important in directing a corporation towards achieving its goals. Some of the important factors of having a business strategy are:

  • To establish a direction

Direction is very important for the management to follow their path of success. In a corporation, the management decides the way on how the team is going to be directed in order to increase their work efficiency and result in a positive outcome.

  • To make wise decisions

It is very important for a corporation to make wise decisions related to their product and projects. These decisions are made on the basis of the task details and are agreed upon by the whole team.

  • To avoid competitive convergence

For every corporation, it is always important to analyze their competitor’s practice in order to avoid any plan convergence. By convergence, the clients might end up with confusion and the market can be diluted. It is always beneficial to measure the competition in order to come up with unique strategies and stand out from the crowd.

  • Always measure success

It is crucial to keep a record of your measure of success. Keep a record of all the methods and plans that helped you gain profit and raise a bar for your corporation so that you can improve and have a good understanding of what the target audience requires.

How many business strategies should you implement?

Ideally, a corporation must have 4 basic strategies based on which other factors are prepared and implemented

  1. Stability strategy

When you start dealing with clients in your industry, you'll use the stability strategy. This plan also implies that your business is succeeding under its current business model. Since the path to growth is uncertain, you should use a stability plan to maintain incremental improvement while still generating income, which includes processes like R&D and product innovation.

  1. Expansion strategy

This strategy helps you maintain your target recognition. Under this strategy, you always look for new ways to expand the company's production by introducing new schemes or products, which will attract a new range of target audience towards your corporation.

  1. Retrenchment strategy

This strategy requires you to carefully consider changing your whole business model in order to maintain solvency. This is done by stopping the production and manufacturing of any product yet being able to maintain the accounts received on the basis of services previously provided. This method can be easily done by making a SWOT analysis.

  1. Combination strategy

To construct your business model, a combination approach combines the preceding three techniques. Its main goal is to improve the company's performance and determine which sections of the business can grow and shrink in response to market conditions. Because you may be more flexible with your time and how much should be allocated, this technique makes it easier to make changes to your strategy.

These are the basic functions and features of how the business strategy works and how many strategies ideally must be implemented in order to establish a strong base for your corporation.

If you want to know more about implementing the right business strategies, having the right business partner is an advantage to keep you on track with it.

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