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How to attract great customers to your business?

Was one of your resolutions this year was to take your business to a different height?

Lets a take at some of the ways in which you can do so:

Consumers are still on the lookout for good deals and value today. To encourage visitors into your shop, provide introductory discounts or bargains such as buy two, get one half-price, or free gift wrapping for the first three transactions. These types of offers can persuade new clients who were considering doing business with you but needed a little nudge to make the switch. Then, to give them more relevant marketing messages in the future, keep track of what they buy and which offers they use.

  • Referral program

Once you've gained a customer's trust, make the most of it by requesting recommendations. Current customers are one of the best suppliers of new clients. You can't, however, wait for them to bring their coworkers, friends, and family to your organization. Instead, take command and devise a plan for actively requesting referrals from your satisfied customers.

Return to your client list and market to people who haven't done business with you in a long time. Make it a habit to do this on a regular basis (once a quarter, for example), and choose customers you haven't seen in at least six months. If they return, send them an email, direct mail, text message, or phone call with a "We Miss You" message along with a special offer or promotion.

  • Invest in networking

The easiest way to increase brand recognition is to meet new people and tell them who you are and what you do. Join the chamber of commerce, trade associations, and networking groups in your area. Meetups are a great way to meet new people. If you own a local business, even attending PTA meetings could be a great networking opportunity.

  • Keep an updated website

Online search is used by both consumers and B2B buyers to find new businesses. That means that in order for clients to find you, your website will have to do the legwork for you. Examine your SEO and search engine marketing strategies, including making sure your site is mobile-friendly.

  • Network with complementary businesses

Getting together with businesses who have a similar client base but aren't direct competitors and discussing how to market to each other's consumers to drive new business is a cost-effective way to gain new customers. If you sell newborn products, partnering with a firm that sells maternity clothing, for example, would be a fantastic collaboration.

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