Rifco currently sells customized Digital Content Management solutions for electronic retail displays, such as TV screens and projector systems. Your digital content is stored on the Cloud, and is interfaced via our customized Digital CMS control boxes, (as pictured below). Here are the system details…

RIFCO Cloud Digital Signage (CMS) Solutions

RIFCO Digital CMS is an Smart, High Performance & Low Cost Cloud Digital Signage Solutions for building dynamic sequences of multimedia digital displays.

How It Works?

Key Features

Simple but powerful user interface

Drag-and-drop to upload or arrange content items of any kind from images, to videos and web pages.  Highly visual, clean and intuitive layout.

Enhanced stacking logic

Control when items display using custom conditions and dynamic data. It is now possible to write conditions to specifically target an audience.

Composite items

Multiple images and videos can be positioned and displayed at the same time.

Immediate data updates

The platform maintains an open communications which means changes can be sent to devices instantly.

Data integrity checking

All data is digitally signed and verified to prevent corruption and man in the middle attacks.

HD and 4K support

1080p HD video and ultra high definition 4K video capability (on supported devices).

Offline operation

All conditional logic is evaluated locally on the device. This means schedules and geolocation data evaluation does not require an Internet connection. Multimedia is also stored locally for perfect playback with no buffering delays.

Proof of play reports

A record can be created for every item that is displayed on a screen. Each device automatically synchronises records with the platform when a connection is available.

Advanced interactivity

As well as supporting HTML5 interactive content, custom events can be defined to trigger actions such as playing another sequence or collecting an email address.


Secure connections using the latest encryption standards.

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